DHEA Therapy

DHEA Therapy

Your body needs DHEA. But how much matters. The wrong amount can negatively impact the balance of your endocrine system, compromise your immune system, and leave cortisol free to behave destructively. If you want the right dose of DHEA, doctor supervision is essential.

The Facts about DHEA Therapy

  1. Over-the-counter DHEA is unregulated. What the label says is in the bottle is rarely what the bottle actually contains. To be sure of potency and purity, DHEA should only be obtained via prescription from a qualified compounding pharmacy.
  2. Just like any other hormone, dosage should be optimized, and optimization requires lab testing.
  3. If you buy DHEA over-the-counter and don’t lab test, you’re effectively “guessing” at how much DHEA you need on a daily basis.

Method of Treatment

We start by checking your DHEA level via lab testing. If treatment is needed, our doctors will write a prescription for DHEA that will precisely meet your individual needs. Lab testing will be done at regular intervals thereafter to ensure that your level remains optimal, with adjustments to dosage being made as needed.

Guesswork has no place in better aging. Quality hormone therapy is about precision. Let us check your DHEA levels. Our doctors will make sure you get the dose that’s right for you.

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