Male Estrogen Therapy

Male Estrogen Therapy

We have two primary objectives when it comes to treatment of your andropause symptoms: safety, and effectiveness. It isn’t possible to accomplish either of these without monitoring and managing estrogen.

The Facts about Male Estrogen Therapy

  1. Virtually every man undergoing properly administered testosterone replacement will need his estrogen level managed.
  2. A man’s estrogen actually comes from his testosterone via a process called aromatization.
  3. If testosterone is increased to healthy levels without suppressing estrogen, estrogen levels will also rise. While men need a small amount of estrogen to be healthy, too much causes unpleasant symptoms like weight gain, low sex drive, fatigue, moodiness, water retention, and gynocomasia (more commonly known as man boobs).
  4. Estrogen is suppressed via an oral medication called an estrogen blocker. Estrogen blockers, also known as aromatase inhibitors, block the conversion of testosterone to estrogen.
  5. Estrogen should be within a tight window for men to be healthy, and to feel their best. Finding that window, and pinpointing an appropriate estrogen blocker dosage, requires expertise. Our doctors have the experience necessary to make sure this aspect of therapy is done correctly.
  6. Lab testing and monitoring symptoms are essential—either one alone isn’t enough.

Methods of Treatment

Our doctors understand that simply giving a man testosterone will not alleviate his symptoms. In fact, if a healthcare practitioner gives a man testosterone without also managing estrogen, he will likely feel worse in the short term, and his prostate cancer risk will be increased in the long term.

Because restoring the balance between testosterone and estrogen is vital to overcoming your andropause symptoms, our doctors pay particular attention to estrogen, and manage it as necessary. You can bet on that.

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