Bioidentical Testosterone Therapy for Men

Bioidentical Testosterone Therapy for Men

For men, better aging includes testosterone therapy. It’s the foundation for everything we do to get you back to being you. We’ll restore your testosterone to healthy levels and we’ll do it the right way.

The Facts about Bioidentical Testosterone Therapy for Men

  1. Injections are the best way to go and two times per week is ideal. Injections performed less often won’t get optimal results.
  2. Going to a clinic for injections is unnecessary. They are easy to perform yourself, and we provide the information you need to do just that.
  3. Can’t stand needles? If injections simply aren’t an option for you, topical cream compounded at a suitable strength is the next best solution.
  4. Pellets and patches are ineffective and taking testosterone by mouth is unsafe.
  5. Results are typically felt in as little as 2 weeks. For most men, symptoms of low testosterone will be resolved completely in 3 to 6 weeks.
  6. Testosterone therapy isn’t just about testosterone. We manage estrogen levels, too.
  7. Safe and effective treatment means regular monitoring. You’ll lab test two times per year, see the doctor one time per year, and we’ll check in with you at regular intervals.
  8. Testosterone therapy works best when all hormones are optimized. If there are imbalances in DHEA, thyroid, growth hormone, cortisol, or pregnenalone, we have appropriate solutions available.

Methods of Treatment

Men need a lot of testosterone to feel good. There are two ways to get enough into your body on a consistent basis.

1. Testosterone Injections

We recommend injections for men who don’t have an issue with needles. Here’s why:

  • Injections provide a pre-set, measured amount of testosterone. In other words, they are very precise.
  • With twice-weekly injections, your body will receive a steady supply of testosterone. No peaks and valleys.
  • When injected intramuscularly, testosterone “pools” in the muscle. As blood flows by this “pool” of testosterone, small amounts are released into the blood stream. This mimics the way your body would release testosterone naturally.
  • With injections, there is less conversion of testosterone to DHT. This means less stress on the prostate and a lower incidence of hair loss.
  • Self-administered injections are simple and painless when using a small needle.

2. Testosterone Topical Cream

Testosterone cream has its benefits, particularly for men who prefer not to use needles. It has some drawbacks, too. Here are the pros and cons:

  • Topical cream provides a consistent release of testosterone into the body. However, absorption can vary, making it somewhat less precise than injections.
  • Even when custom-compounded at a high strength, some men will have a difficult time absorbing enough testosterone through their skin to achieve optimal levels.
  • Caution must be exercised to ensure that transference does not occur through skin-to-skin contact with other people.
  • The conversion rate of testosterone to DHT is higher when using topical cream. Elevated DHT can cause hair loss in some men, and can put stress on the prostate.

Methods Of Treatment Not Used

1. Testosterone Pellets

Testosterone pellets are surgically placed under the skin. They release testosterone for about three months, and then have to be replaced. Besides requiring a surgical procedure every three months, pellets have significant limitations:

  • Pellets release too much testosterone for the first several weeks and then later, not enough. The result is a rollercoaster ride in how you feel.
  • Because equilibrium is never achieved for testosterone, managing estrogen on a consistent basis is impossible. Both hormones become constantly moving targets.
  • Lab testing for testosterone and estrogen are rendered meaningless. You can’t measure something that isn’t stable.
  • Having a surgical procedure every three months opens the door to potential infection and scarring.

2. Testosterone Patches

Testosterone patches are commercially produced patches that are usually applied to the scrotum. Like pellets, they have limitations:

  • Though they provide good time release, they tend to be—as you can imagine—quite uncomfortable.
  • They commonly cause skin irritation.
  • Dosing is typically inadequate, and can’t be fine-tuned.

At Renew Youth, we do not use delivery methods that are unsafe, ineffective, or unproven. If it isn’t safe and effective, it will not be a part of any treatment program we provide. Period.

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